In 2021, Putin decides on a nuclear war! First part, warning to Judea

putin and nuclear war

Author Takaaki Yamada

I predicted that the next Russian President would be Putin.

In other words, the prediction is that from March 2018 to May 2024, it will be putin’s system again.

Anyone can predict that.

The problem is the prediction of what will happen after he wins and what will happen to Russia and the world.

Putin is furiously angry with Judea!

I previously wrote:

“The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a great plot with multiple purposes, one of which was the liberation of the Jews.”

To be more accurate, it wasn’t just liberation.

Putin is furiously angry with Judea!

I previously wrote:

“The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a great plot with multiple purposes, one of which was the liberation of the Jews.”

To be more accurate, it wasn’t just liberation.

It was also a plan to replace the Jews who had been deferred in the lower class under the Romanov tyranny at once with the higher class of the Soviet society.

Thus, Russia was once taken over by the Jewish group.

Later, in the Soviet Union, a terrible socio-engineering policy was implemented to eliminate Russian ethnicity.

As a result, the Russian people were saved by the madman Stalin.

It was almost accidental or lucky.

On the other hand, it means that it was impossible to wash away the great poison of Judea without such a crazy dictator.

Therefore, at that time Hitler treated “international communism” and “Judea” as synonyms and was accused of being crazy, but that was never an unfounded content.

In fact, the “shadow government” also targeted Germany in the communist revolution. The original plan was to establish a communist regime from Germany to the east.

However, due to the failure of the Republic of Lethe, the German people were not socially killed.

In fact, Hitler, like Stalin, was a partner of the “Shadow Government” at the beginning, but he finally betrayed him.

The topic around here is endless, so I will change the opportunity.

Anyway, Putin knows all this “real history” since he was a member since the Russian nationalist group regained KGB.

Putin’s warning message to Judea

In January 2013, at the National Schneerson Library in Moscow, Putin addressed that 80-85% of the first Soviet government was Jewish.

80 to 85% of the first Soviet Union government was Jewish by President Putin
Author Takaaki Yamada This is "The Russian Revolution not on the textbook". In January 2013, President Putin made a spee...

This speech was a warning message against Jewish finance.

It means “I remember what you did in Russia”.

By the way, Putin criticized Lenin on another occasion. At that time, he remarked that the Russian Revolution was completely unnecessary for the Russians.

In 2016, Putin again alerted Judea through the mouth of his favorite Maria Zakharova spokesman for Foreign Affairs.

Maria Zakharova appeared on a popular Sunday night show in Russia. She said, “Jewish finance has contributed to the Trump camp, twice as much as Hillary.” Again, she is a Russian diplomat.

This is a message for the Russian people, but I think it was also an external message.

“It’s Hillary or Trump, Russia knows that there is Jewish finance behind them.”

Putin used his spokesman to warn the “hidden enemy”.

These two episodes are very important information, but the Western media has not taken up at all. Because it is the worst taboo of “Jewish” + “Conspiracy theory”.

But do you know the biggest and real movement that is happening in the international community without knowing who Putin is fighting with?

Russian colonization → Putin counterattack → Re-clash between the two → Russian siege network formation by the West

However, without regard to Putin’s warning, the “shadow government” is pursuing Russia in various ways.

The beginning of the battle is not the issue of Ukraine and Crimea a few years ago.

Since the Soviet Union returned to “Russia”.

After the Soviet Union transformed into “Russia Soviet”, the Cold War became a “real battle”.

At that time, the western countries led by the United States were seriously aiming to overthrow the Soviet Union. The Western countries raised the SDI concept while lowering crude oil prices through political operations. This was to lift the tip of the arms race. They thus successfully led the Soviet Union to internal collapse. Moreover, they lied to Gorbachev that “NATO will not expand any further.”

Then, as the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of 1991, Western financial capital began to violently “colonize” Russia from inside and outside. “Inside” refers to a local agent called Origalhi that they set up. Moreover, most were Jewish capital.

Perhaps the shadow government was hawking, “No longer we are in full control of Russia.”

However, they sweetly looked at the power of the Russian people.

From 2000, “Putin & Former KGB Corps” will fight back. The “re-clash” of both began from here. Basically, this trend continues.

The root of the confrontation is the selfish motive of the “Shadow Government” that “the world rule will not be completed unless Russia is subordinated”.

Apparently, Putin ’s “operation to regain Russian wealth” was too quick for the “shadow government”. As a result, they were expelled from Russia.

So they started work to separate neighboring countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union from Russia and incorporate them into the NATO camp.

Moreover, it was an aggressive method of neglecting the will of the people, such as demolishing, rioting, or coup if the election result was against their will.

The 2014 Ukrainian coup was one of them.

Thus, the “color revolution” continued in Russian neighboring countries, and the Russian siege network was formed.

The events that took place in the flow were the Syrian civil war in 2013 and the Ukraine Crimea issue in 2014.

From here, it can be said that the conflict between the two has certainly sharpened. (Continued in the second part)

Author Takaaki Yamada

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