English articles

  1. The truth of Princess Diana, she was a real Jew, and the daughter of Sir Goldsmith
  2. Destruction of the Windsor Dynasty, and the day the Goldsmith Dynasty is born
  3. The truth of Charles and Diana’s “marriage of the century” that no one knew
  4. Nostradamus predicts the birth of King William! Moreover, will become a tyrant and antichrist, even kills Charles and Camilla!
  5. Origin of the Rothschild family, Frankfurt Ghetto
  6. The Shadow Government and the mystery of Switzerland
  7. Decipher the mystery of Denver International Airport Murals
  8. 80 to 85% of the first Soviet Union government was Jewish by President Putin
  9. World’s Fastest 2018 Russian Presidential Election Forecast and unknown Russian history
  10. In 2021, Putin decides on a nuclear war! First part, warning to Judea
  11. In 2021, Putin decides on a nuclear war! Second part, Final battle with the West