In 2021, Putin decides on a nuclear war! Second part, Final battle with the West

Putin takes on the momentum of nationalism that is growing rapidly in Russia

Author Takaaki Yamada

Continue from last time.

In short, the “shadow government” has tried to rule the Russian people twice.

The first is the Russian Revolution and the second is the economic colonization after the end of the Cold War.

But the Russians bounced back both.

However, the “shadow government” has not given up yet.

Currently the third time is being done.

Therefore, they are putting all insidious sanctions on Russia.

For example, crude oil crashed from mid-2014.

This is the trick that the United States pursued the Soviet Union and Iran in the 1980s.

Just before the oil price decline, Rockefeller once announced its withdrawal from the oil business. This action is like confessing who is the culprit of the cheap oil policy.

In addition, there are a variety of works to isolate Putin Russia.

For example, economic sanctions by Western countries, shutting out Russia from international interbank transactions, guiding to the depreciation of the ruble, the “democratization” movement in Russia, and isolating Russia in the international sports world such as the Olympics.

Naturally, in Russia, there is a tremendous rebound against the West. It also leads to Putin’s high support rate.

It is as clear as the laws of physics that nationalism increases among people insulted by other countries.

This is exactly what happened in Russia.

Naturally, the people are looking for strong leaders who can cross the West.

The “air” supports the dictatorial Putin.

Putin has now created an organization called the “National Guard”.

He also established a new “Ministry of National Security” (MGB). This is equivalent to the complete resurgence of the old KGB.

The ruling party “Unified Russia” is highly supported by the public.

Nationalist youth groups such as “Hitlerjugend” were also organized.

The Putin administration has virtually control over most of the mass media.

Isn’t it similar to something? Yes, the Hitler administration.

Under the harsh Western sanctions of the Versailles system, Hitler also gained the enthusiastic support of the overwhelming public. And this man went up to dictatorship by election, and finally went into a huge war.

By the way, popular nationalism in Japan also expanded almost at the same time as Germany. In 1932, Japan forcibly founded Manchuria. The League of Nations at that time denied this nation. Japan withdrew from the League of Nations and was isolated from the international community, but on the other hand, nationalism increased.

In other words, the current Russian atmosphere is just like Germany and Japan in the mid-1930s.

Why is nationalism like relics of the past only emerging in Russia so rapidly in the 21st century?

The reason is that after the imperial Russia fell, it did not become a “national state” but became a strange “artificial state” called the Soviet Union.

Of course, as I have explained, it was a shadow government planned crime.

Right now, the Western and Jewish media are thoroughly pursuing Russia.

They are doing the same for Iran.

As if they were expecting the nationalism of both countries to burst.

The “shadow government” is a mass-controlled genius, and everything may be an act of calculation.

Putin has already warned the use of nuclear weapons three times!

But when Russia’s nationalism erupts, it will bring to the world a disaster that is incomparable to the time of Japan and Germany.

In other words, it will be a nuclear war!

Moreover, there is already a possibility in Putin’s individual mind. The fact that Russia is building a large-scale national nuclear shelter is evidence.

Putin is also “warning” the use of nuclear weapons.

The first is a “preparation order for the use of nuclear weapons” in February 2014.

In November 2013, Ukraine’s President Yanukovich chose Russia instead of EU as a partner.

In the meantime, a strange group riotized in Kiev and put Ukraine into civil war.

They were supported by the US Department of State, CIA, and George Soros.

And in February of the following year they overthrew the Yanukovych administration.

Yanukovic was corrupt, but he was a legally elected person. What is the “democracy” of defeating such a regime with a coup?

At that time, Putin issued instructions to the military to prepare for the use of nuclear weapons.

Later, Putin quickly separated Crimea from Ukraine and annexed it to Russia.

On the other hand, the fire of civil war rose in eastern Ukraine.

As a result, the conflict between Russia and the West became decisive.

The second is June 17, 2016.

Putin, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Conference, said the US-progressed missile defense in Eastern Europe would decisively break the power balance between the US and Russia.

He expressed the idea that “nuclear wars are deterred by the fact that each side’s faction is balanced”. He warned that if the balance was lost, there was a risk of developing into a nuclear war. He also severely criticized Western journalism for not reporting the risk.

I imagine that Putin thinks that “If the NATO army installs MD in Eastern Europe and immediately launches a nuclear war against Russia, Russia will be defeated.”

The third time was April 2017.

President Trump bombed the Syrian military base with a number of cruise missiles because the Assad administration used chemical weapons.

Putin supports Syria’s Assad administration from behind.

So again he used the word “nuclear war” to squeeze America.

Putin is just “strategic patience”

Now, if NATO and Russian troops fight, Russia will lose. Putin knows that. So he endures humiliation.

Putin is not a pacifist. It’s just a realist who doesn’t fight to lose. On the other hand, if he can win, he could hit the game.

Are there any “buds”? Please read the following article.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin mentioned the need for military and fleet equipment to switch to “super-latest” by 30 percent by 2015 and by 70 percent by 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin announced that Russia will update its strategic nuclear force equipment by 100 percent instead of 70 percent currently considered. He also expressed the need to create a compact unit that could be put into “every military action field” when needed.

RIA Novosti 2014.09.22

The point is “100% upgrade of strategic nuclear equipment by 2020”.

I think Russia is a second-class country that can only sell and sell resources. Moreover, the quality of conventional weapons does not come to the west at all.

So Putin has now invested heavily in the development of nuclear and missile weapons to maintain power balance. That’s how Russia has compensated for the military disadvantage against the West. In a sense, modern Russia is an expanded version of North Korea.

Around 2020, Putin’s military policy will come to fruition. In contrast, the United States, on the other hand, enters a period for renewing strategic nuclear weapons.

In other words, at that time, US nuclear weapons are the oldest generation. Of course, the US military will update from there.

Perhaps Russia, a second-class country with poor economic power and a declining population, but no high-tech industry, will continue to decline.

In other words, for a few years from 2020, Russia will have a chance to win for a moment. And even that is a high-risk winner.

But after that, there is probably no prospect of a reversal forever. In that sense, it is a historical opportunity.

Putin is waiting for the visit.

The former Obama administration’s policy toward North Korea is called “strategic patience,” but Putin is in the midst of “strategic patience” against the West.

The day when Putin decides to make a preemptive nuclear attack

Again, Putin endures repeated insults from the West, not because he is a pacifist, but because he believes that Russia will lose if fights the NATO army.

However, a few years from now, there will be a chance in Russia for a moment.

At that time, Putin would think: Perhaps if the current situation continues, Russia will not be able to stop the offensive of Western countries, and will be recolonized by strong Western capital.

But he shouldn’t be able to endure, for the great Russia to return to the miserable state before his presidency. Because it leads to denial of his 20-year effort.

From May 2021, he enters the second half of his presidential term. The remaining three years.

That is the last 3 years for Putin.

He has been desperate and dedicated to his country, and is already united with his country. Putin feels like Russia itself. He is the father of Russia in the 21st century.

Who is the Russian emperor?

The Roman Emperor, the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Great Han of the Mongolian Empire.

A rare tyrant who also serves as these three, the Russian emperor.

Eventually, Putin would have the same idea as the past Russian emperor.

“No matter how much my people sacrifice, if Russia ultimately wins, that’s fine. If we win the war, everything will be rewarded, even if tens of millions die.”

Thus Putin would make a “holy decision” for the war.

The above is the conclusion that I have traced from “reality information”.

On the other hand, I am an occult and conspiracy researcher. So I can infer the future from the viewpoint of “supernatural information”.

When I put together the zippers from both sides, a certain era came up. That was 2021 (up to 24 years).

The conclusion was reached in 2014.

I expect that Japan must be attacked by Russia.

Russian giant nuclear missile RS-28

I told the attendees at the 2016 Tokyo Koenji event.

“So if you think it’s dangerous, get away from the military base and run to the countryside.”

Of course, no one else is doing such an analysis. Maybe just me.

But I am convinced that the fate of the world depends on Putin’s decision around 2020.

If the West continues to isolate Russia, Putin will start a war with the West, even with the world.

Moreover, it should be a preemptive nuclear attack.

Japan, which is sanctioning against Russia with the West, is naturally considered an enemy by Russia.

Author Takaaki Yamada

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