Nostradamus predicts the birth of King William! Moreover, will become a tyrant and antichrist, even kills Charles and Camilla!


Author Takaaki Yamada

It is 20 years since Princess Diana died in traffic accident on August 31, 2017.

It is rumored that she was extinguished by British military intelligence asset assassination team just one year after officially divorcing with Prince Charles.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth herself issued an order. It is also rumored that the husband Edinburgh himself has directly conveyed the words to the intelligence agency.

However, this topic is not the purpose of this article, so I will not mention it any more.

There was a four-line poem by Nostradamus who is predicting Britain in the near future

Queen Elizabeth is the oldest in Britain ‘s Royal history. Who is the next king of the UK? As a matter of fact, I noticed that Nostradamus had left scary prophecies about this. And when I read it, I trembled terribly.

I would like to introduce the four-line verse below.

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 10, 66

The chief of London through the realm of America,

(Le chef de Londres par regne l’Americh,)

The Isle of Scotland will be tried by frost:

(L’Isle d’Escosse tempiera par gelee:)

King and “Reb” will face an Antichrist so false,

(Roy Reb auront vn si faux Antechrist,)

That he will place them in the conflict all together.

(Que les mettra trestous dans la meslee.)

This four-line poem is surprised from the beginning.

It was in 1555 when Nostradamus published this prophecy poem collection.

On the other hand, Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the “New Continent” is an event in 1492. By the time Nostradamus predicted, the New continent was already called “America”.

However, the words on the first and second lines clearly do not match the international situation at the time. Contents that British leaders can only interpret by exercising America and putting pressure on Scotland are situations that can’t be imagined at the time of the 16th century.

Rather, it is strangely better to assume that this is a “modern situation”.

What is written on the third line is that the leader gets (maybe) “Rebellious King” and that king is “an Antichrist so false.”

The fourth line is predicting how the new king will confuse the people terribly.

It is easy to assert that “Nostradamus was predicting this incident” after something worldwide happened. That’s why I want to make it clear in advance.

This four-line poem predicts the events of the UK in the near future (within only a few years).

Scottish independence is a serious problem concerning the prestige of King of British

First of all, it seems that there is nothing to do with “getting the king” and “restraining Scotland”, but in reality it has much to do with it.

Because England and Scotland join together for the first time, it is called “the United Kingdom of Great Britain”.

If Scotland got independent, the current “Great Britain King” will be downgraded to just “King of England”. The disappearance of the “United Kingdom” is a serious problem that shakes its authority for the British Royal Family.

Currently Scotland’s independent momentum is rising. In September 2014, a referendum on inquiries on independence was made, 55.3% against the opposition, 44.7% in favor and voted against it for the time being.

However, recently again, the momentum has been revitalized. For the affiliation of the EU, opinions are different between England and Scotland.

According to a referendum conducted in June 2016, as a British, the withdrawal from the EU was decided. However, in Scotland more than 60% are residual supportists. In addition, since the Trump regime was born, the Scottish independents are rebounding more and more momentum.

Prime Minister Sturgeon of the Scottish Autonomous Government has stated that he would like to implement a referendum again from “Fall 2018 to Spring 19”.

Then do the first row and the second line of the above four lines poems bring reality? Probably, the referendum may be held just during the “frost season.” In other words, it can be predicted that it will be around January / February of 2019.

America was still a shadow colony of the British Empire

At that time, the British royal family and British politicians will try to stop Scottish independence with full power. Moreover, I am surprised that Nostradamus predicts that they repress Scotland through the “American realm “.

As is well known, all Anglo-Saxon nations such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand are “Kingdom” of the Commonwealth. Of course, The King of British is at the throne.

Will it be true that, as an Anglo-Saxon state, only the United States is an exception. Dr. John Coleman, a former intelligence member of the UK, reveals the fact that it is still the British Empire that really controls the United States.

The American Revolutionary War was only “acting”. Actually the truth that the United States is still the “Kingdom of the Shadow” of the UK is also evident from the US flag.

Below is the flag of the British East India Company at the time of American independence. As you can see, it looks just like the American flag.

The company that was given special authority from the British royal family was mid-public. This similarity is a good proof that suggests that the British royal family still dominates America from the shadow.

Why did shadow government made the “independence” America botherly expressly though it is formally? There is exactly a frenzy of them. However, since that topic warrants the purpose of this article too much, there is no space to explain about it.

In any case, we will witness the drama that the UK presses Scotland that seems to be independent with the United States.

Prince William will be elected the new king after Queen Elizabeth’s death!

Let ‘s hurry. What does the third line mean?

It is no doubt that it simply implies Queen Elizabeth’s death. But the problem is whether the next king is really Charles, who is ranked first in the throne.

Prince Charles was born November 14, 1948. Therefore, it will be 70 years old on November 14, 2018.

Curiously, that time is the timing for the next Scottish independence referendum.

If Queen Elizabeth passed away at that time, is there any meaning to inherit the throne to the crown prince? Even if a 70-year-old man becomes a new king, there should be few turns to him.

Moreover, the important thing is that British people do not support Charles. Of course, the reason is well known. He bothered Diana. After that he remarried to Camilla. For his unpopular reason also there is Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall who became his second wife.

As British people reject Kamira, Charles’ desire is not recovered. Even in the questionnaire “Who is eligible for the next king?”, He has a big difference with William, who is No. 1. Therefore, the British royal family and its surrounding powers will let Charles decline the next King’s inauguration and will bring Prince William born in 1982 to the new king.

By the way, I think that Queen Elizabeth will survive until Charles becomes 70 years old. The reason is to completely break Charles’ inauguration of the next King’s inauguration. Conversely, as if waiting for that time, Queen Elizabeth will die, with a heart attack.

Who “Who” is “for what”? Actually, here is essence.

The reason is in the following figure. Prince William draws blood from Judea.

Diana’s mother Frances is Jewish. And the real father was Sir James Goldsmith of Jewish millionaire. Therefore, Diana is a genuine Jew.

And that child William married Jewish Kate Middleton and gave birth to his eldest son George. In other words, setting up Prince William as the next king by dropping Charles is also an act of setting a path to the birth of “King of Judaia”.

One of the reasons why Prince Charles was hit hard by the media is above. Of course, there is a problem with his behavior.

Currently, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are relations that are behind each other. In other words, the Queen guarantees his son’s security and his son guarantees the Queen’s security. However, when Charles exceeds 70 years old, the situation will change completely.

For those who carry the kingdom will cut off the elderly crown prince.

The important thing for their career is to swear loyalty to those who are suitable for the next king. This is the fact that human society has repeatedly since ancient times when the royal right was established.

William the new king kills his father, falls into dark side, becomes a tyrant

William is a man who was torn in two lines.

Does he himself have a close affinity to the British aristocracy and the Jewish bloodline? Needless to say the latter is obvious.

Besides that, William probably hates the British roots. That fact will ultimately turn William into a “tyrant”.

He grew up taking care of his mother Diana’s affection. On the other hand, he was far from his father. However, if it is normal it alone will not go to “hatred”.

That is why he hates his father Charles and his wife, Camilla, because that is his mother’s “enemy”.

He now knows what his mother Diana received from these two people.

Their actions are not permitted.

It is the British royal family that killed her. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philippe, Prince Charles … Perhaps everyone is an accomplice of assassination of Diana.

In the age of his son George, the Windsor Dynasty has decided to move to the “Goldsmiths Rothschild dynasty”. William will actively help it.

In other words, Prince William is the man who ends the Windsor Dynasty. In my expectation, William will undertake public revenge shortly after taking the king.

The British king’s “constitutional monarch” is an upright position. He actually has a mighty power to command secretly against military, police and intelligence agencies. Elizabeth did not abuse that violent equipment so much because was a woman.

He will use that violence equipment and take out Charles, Camilla and Edinburgh. Just like they used military intelligence assassination teams to make Diana “accidentally dead”. This time it will be the side where they will be killed.

Thus William will eradicate the pedigree of the paternal British aristocracy.

However, when doing so to hide his family from hate, he falls to “dark side”.

He will begin to take revenge on his mother ‘s enemy, and eventually he will be working on non – family members as well.

It is the birth of “tyrant William”.

Why is William the new King “Antichrist”?

But why is he such a “false antichrist”?

From here, it is just a story that “Fact is stranger than fiction”.

“Shadow Government” is actually an organization of Protestant forces and Jewish forces combined. The British aristocracy group stands at the top of Protestant forces. And now it is the Goldsmith Rothschild family who stands on top of the Jewish forces.

Furthermore, if we go back to the roots of this Jewish influence, we will reach “Sanhedrin”.

Sanhedrin · · Those familiar with the Bible will be shocked the moment they hear this name. It is the name of an organization that existed in the Palestinian region two thousand years ago from now.

Besides that, it is an organization that killed that Jesus Christ. So this organization is not a metaphor of something, it is really “antichrist” itself.

Therefore, William the new king denies his father’s lineage and swears loyalty to the mother’s lineage, the Goldsmith Rothschild family (I guess surely), if so, he will be in Antichrist It is not strange to compare it.

King British who belongs to Sanhedrin who killed Jesus … It is natural that Nostradamus saw his identity as “false antichrist”.

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