The truth of Princess Diana, she was a real Jew, and the daughter of Sir Goldsmith


Author Takaaki Yamada

What was the truth of “the century’s marriage” of Prince Charles and Diana?

Why was Charles an unusual coldness against his wife Diana?

There is an amazing truth hidden there.

In truth, it is a question “Who controls this world?”

Before approaching its ultimate truth, first of all it has to be solved from the point of “who was really Diana?”

Diana’s mother Francis was a Jewish aristocrat

Diana’s mother born in 1936 was named Frances Ruth Burke-Roche. It is the daughter of Baron Roche Baroness.

She became Francis Spencer by marrying Edward John Spencer ( inherits Earlhood by his father’s death in 1975), but then divorced.

Frances Burke Roche (1936-2005) and Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (1924-1992)

In 1969 she married a businessman Peter Shand Kydd. That’s why she changed Frances Shand Kydd.

Frances and Peter Shand Kydd

In general, Francis is said to have two sons and three girls (one died soon after birth) with Count Spencer. One of them was Diana, the third female born in 1961.

Well, it was the Mr. Hirose Takashi’s “red shield” that carefully followed the roots of this Francis. Following her ancestors, the Goschen family appears.

The family originally operated publishing business in Leipzig, Germany. According to the Wikipedia, it goes back to the Lutheran pastor Joachimus Gosenius which was recorded in 1609. And in German studies they were Jewish origin.

Mr. Hirose said, “Ten years after being late to Nathan Rothschild, when he moved to London in 1844, it quickly emerged as a merchant,” and became a major trader. In this way, “to build up”, in the next generation, they will dig into Britain’s political circles and aristocracy as soon as possible.

The family will produce George Joachim Goschen and his brother Charles Goschen in the heyday of the British Empire in the first half of the 19th century. Older brother became a politician and first generation descendant, and it went up to finance minister and head of the Bank of England. Charles became Lloyd’s insurance president. Thus brothers dominated the top of British financial circles.

This George Goshen got the eldest daughter Lucy and the eldest son George II. The eldest son will get up to the governor of India. Meanwhile, daughter married to Baron Burke-Roche .

In terms of Japan, it may be wondering if the Viscount will marry the subordinate baron. However, the British title is a lifetime system, only one direct male can be inherited.

So, the eldest son George II got in the position, the eldest daughter is no rank. Goschen a rising family, it is rather cool to have a traditional aristocrat and a faction.

So, it is Francis Burke Roche, the mother of Diana, who is the person of this Lucy’s descendant (Fourth generation).

Originally a trader William Goschen was a relationship to underwrite a bill from the bearing bank “Queen’s Bank”.

He gave birth to his sons in London ‘City’. And he swore loyalty to the royal family, got a ranking of aristocracy and played in the members of the ruling party. And it took a few generations to finally succeed in sending descendants of the family to the royal family

Moreover, this family is not only an German Jewish ancestor but also a deep relationship with Rothschild. The relative of Francis is Rosemary Leonora Ruth de Rothschild, a family of “the King Nathan → Lionel”.

Rosemary’s sister Naomi is also married to the Goldsmith family.

The two families appear repeatedly from the following.

Diana who was truly an intrinsic Jew

Well, as you read the above, there may be some people who think that “Francis is not just a matter of pulling the blood of the Jews.”

However, reality is “more than that”.

Officially, as I said, Diana is supposed to have been born between Francis and Earl of Edward Spencer. The Spencer family is a prestigious aristocrat.

However, Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of “Tatler,” revealed important facts.

In that book ‘The Diana Chronicles’, she revealed the fact that Francis had been in an affair relationship with the Jewish banker James Goldsmith for a long time.

And, although avoiding the statement, it suggested that Diana was really the two daughters.

In other words, Diana has nothing to do with the Spencer’s.

The truth of Princess Diana Tina Brown and Sir James Goldsmith

The Goldsmith family is a financial broker Gold Schmidt who was originally a Frankfurt Jewish ghetto. In the same ghetto there were families such as Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Khan, Kulp, Schiff, Stern and so on. There were a lot of financial clan in the street of hundreds of meters at maximum.

They cooperated with each other to survive, married and formed the “Frankfurt Group”. They are now building a major financial empire.

Aside from that, it seems that North American chaebols such as Rockefeller and Melon have rapidly grown up with this Frankfurt Group loan in the second half of the 19th century.

Was Diana really a girl who Francis born with affair with Sir Goldsmith?

Is not it gossip that is the root of Mr Brown?

James Goldsmith was married three times in his life, and the third wife is Annabel, the daughter of the duke.

James Goldsmith and Annabel

Moreover, it was a formal marriage after having become affair relations with Annabel who was already married.

Zacharias, the second son, born in 1975 with this Annabelle.

He became an environmental activist and conservative party member.

A few years ago, it is rumored that this Zacharias looks like Diana.

Princess Diana and Zac Goldsmith

It is the above figure that is circulating in the West, but I compared it in more detail.

It is obvious. It is satisfactory if two people are “half-sisters brother”. In other words, I think that Diana is exactly the daughter of Sir Goldsmith.

And if her mother Francis is Jewish and her “father” Sir Goldsmith is Jew, I must say that Diana is an intrinsic Jew.

Incidentally, Mrs. Brown’s “Diana Chronicle” has received acclaim book reviews from leading media such as NYT and the Washington Post (media of the world’s rulers). Apparently, this story seems not to be an “irresponsible rumor” she set up.

And the above facts actually mean some unbelievable matter … (Continued)



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