World’s Fastest 2018 Russian Presidential Election Forecast and unknown Russian history


Author Takaaki Yamada2017/2/16

Of course President Putin is reelected!

Well, I made a conclusion in the first line suddenly, but the public is paying attention only to the new president of the United States and not paying attention at all to the counter side election.

However, the Russian Federation presidential election will be in March next year. So, as in the United States, Russia will also enter the election season as early as the second half of this year.

To put it briefly, Putin became president in May 2012.

The term of the Russian president has been changed from four years to six years by the 2008 constitutional amendment.

Therefore, the current term of Putin will be until May 2018.

Therefore, if Putin is re-elected in the next presidential election, he will be in office until May 2024.

The current Constitution stipulates that “the three elections are prohibited”, Putin can only throw a maximum of 12 years.

But again there is a way to put Medvedev or someone in between, or even a constitutional amendment, and Putin never ends by 2024.

The question is, “Why?” It is natural for Putin to re-elect, and what happens to Russia and the world after re-election.

In this article, I want to explore it from my own point of view.

History from the birth of the Soviet Union to the destruction

I’m wondering where to talk, but at the very least we need to talk from the truth of the Russian revolution. People in the world have the right to know the truth of history.

In the early 20th century, the Romanovs were the largest despot in the Christian area, but at the same time they were the world’s worst Jewish persecutions.

For example, Jews were restricted from doing business, and all the way to the officer was closed when entering the army. Moreover, even though the same-time West had been moving towards granting citizenship to Jews, Russia intensified the persecution of Jews. It is known as Pogrom.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a huge conspiracy with multiple purposes. There is no doubt that one of the purposes was “Jewish liberation”.

Banker Jacob Schiff took on the Japanese government bonds of the Russo-Japanese War, and international financial capital such as Rothschild and Schiff provided Trotsky with revolutionary funds. That is because there was a real desire of the Jewish capitalists to “liberate their brothers from oppression”.

Right after the October Revolution, the Balfour Declaration was issued. The declaration acknowledges the future construction of a Jewish national home in Palestine.

Therefore, it is clearly understood that the establishment of Israel was linked to the liberation of Jews in Russia.

Also, I am convinced that there are many Jews among activists who have risen to the revolution.

However, if the ratio is “80 to 85%” as President Putin says, it is more reasonable to think that it is a conspiracy of something rather than chance.

The following article describes it.

80 to 85% of the first Soviet Union government was Jewish by President Putin
Author Takaaki Yamada This is "The Russian Revolution not on the textbook". In January 2013, President Putin made a spee...

In any case, the Soviet Union established by the revolution was an “artificial nation” that denied all ethnic personalities. I feel chilly in the episode of that time. The traditional Russian community, centered on the church, was completely destroyed. “New children” were completely separated from Russian tradition, religion and history in homes, schools and communities. In order to completely separate the old and new generations, children were encouraged to inform their parents’ behavior in the home. Parents were afraid of the secret police and blocked their mouths at home.

What is a Soviet?

They are “domestic animals” or “animal humans”, made by the Jews.

In general, Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution is known as the “very foolish policy”. On the other hand, the reality of this “Soviet version of the Cultural Revolution” is still silent from the world.

Of course, the reason is that those who promoted the “Russian ethnic reshaping policy” and those who have been under control of Western academia until now are similar.

However, as I mentioned in the article, the plan ended in failure with “Stalin’s Betrayal”. Moreover, Stalin allowed the resurgence of Russian nationalism within the Soviet Union in order to carry out the war against Germany. In other words, Stern put the Soviets back to Russians.

As a result, the Soviet Union has transformed into “Russian Soviet”.

The idea of the supranational powers who initially planned for the Russian Revolution completely backfired.

The following article briefly describes the history after the “Russian Soviet”.

The title is “Kissinger, who has been handed over after the worst of the Shadow Government’s failure.”

さて、トランプ新政権を指して私は勝手に「ネオ・ネオコン政権」とあだ名しました。トランプでもヒラリーでも大きな違いはないというのが私の考えです。 両者の極端な対ロシア姿勢の違いについては、主として「影の政府」内の路線対立が反映されたものであり

Simply put, “they had to crush the Soviet Union they created.”

The person who was at the head of the team responsible for the big strategy was the Kissinger.

Thus, as expected, the “Shadow government” succeeded in driving the Soviet Union into collapse.

From the end of the Cold War to the fall to “Colonial Russia”

A major strategy of the post Cold War era, which the Shadow Government considered, was to transform the international community into a “pyramidal system with the United States at the top.”

In addition, they aimed to gradually transform the international community with the United States at the top into a management society and a police state by creating an external enemy or threat called “multinational terrorists”.

The policy for that purpose was the “The Defense Planning Guidance”, which was formulated around Neocon, and was “9/11 hoax Terrorism.”

On the other hand, despite the situation in Russia, although there was a resurgence by the Communist Party conservatives in 1991, the coup failed. After a mild civil war, the end of the same year, the Soviet Union moved to an Independent National Community (CIS), and Boris Yeltsin became the new president of Russia.

However, Boris Yeltsin was mediocre as a leader, and he became more and more Al-Uncle. It was the Jews Evgenii Primakov who had essentially decided on Russian economic policy at that time.

Due to rapid economic reform, foreign capital landed in Russia one after another. Russian state-owned enterprises were privatized. Emerging entrepreneurs then acquired the wealth that state-owned enterprises had occupied until then.

The Western International Bankers and the IMF lent the dollar to the stupid Yeltsin regime. From here was the beginning of the second round of hell. Originally Russia at that time did not have the ability to repay, and in August 1998, Russia falls into debt default. Moreover, the important president was drinking to take vodka, the health was also deteriorating, and the crisis management ability was zero.

In the end, Russia defaulted and banks got into trouble. Then, when the Russian economy virtually collapsed, the IMF landed in Russia as a “financial force”.

In the midst of the economic crisis, international bankers were taking away Russia’s state-owned assets as collateral.

By this time, most of the Russian economy came to be dominated by the seven major emerging conglomerates called Oligarch.

Among them, six companies of Oligarch were Jewish, like Boris Berezovsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

They are, of course, local agents of the “Shadow government”.

However, there was a man who carried up this Berezovsky well.

He secretly decided to “take back Russia”.

Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s appearance and counterattack

“Shadow government” intended to colonize Russia, but after Putin took office as president in 2000, Russia played a re-independence.

Putin showed a sort of remorse to the United States in support of the Bush administration’s “war on terrorism”. However, he moves the former KGB forces in his country, and falls on killing the giant Oligarch.

In October 2003, Putin’s “Operation to recapture the nation’s wealth of Russia” achieved a certain success with the arrest of the Jewish oil king Khodorkovsky, who had partnered with Rockefeller.

But, of course, as a result, he turns “Shadow government” into an enemy in earnest.

They control major western countries such as the United States and Britain.

So Putin joined hands with Hu Jintao’s China and Iran.

At that time, Iran, with the full power of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, was interfering with the American rule of Iraq.

No wonder. Iran has been named by the Bush administration as “is next target Iran or North Korea?”

So, they not only supported the Shia, but also the Sunni and the former Ba’ath Party, and dragged the US military in Iraq thoroughly into the quagmire.

So the “shadow government” hates Russia and Iran.

This is a backlash.

This flow continues now.

Why is Putin a Newborn Russian “Father of the Founding”?

I have previously introduced the “72-year cycle” of human groups (states).

This cycle is based on the Secret art of Zoroaster.

ゾロアスターの秘法が告げる近未来 Secret art of Zoroaster
さて、バルカンのノストラダムスことババ・バンカBaba Vangaと、ロシアのパーべル・バーブロビッチ・グローバPavel Pavlovich Globaが同種の予言をしていることは以下の記事で紹介した。 そのグローバ氏の予言が以下である。...

This 72-year cycle theory is quite consistent with the actual history, assuming the concept of “blurring” in several years before and after, and a “transition period” between the transition from the old cycle to the next cycle.

The Soviet system has been destroyed in almost 72 years.

However, I do not think so if Russia has shifted to a new order with the birth of ” Yeltsin’s Russia”.

His age seems to be a transition period (≒ confusion period).

In other words, Russia experienced an unstable “transition period” of about eight years after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. And it would be correct to think that the new order was put in place with the birth of the Putin administration in 2000.

Modern Russia began with Putin’s inauguration.

In that sense, Putin can be called “the father of 21st century Russia’s founding country”.

On the other hand, what about the majority of the world?

According to the 72-year cycle theory, the world order built after the war is the end of this year(=2017).

It is thought that the frame itself of post-war order will collapse from next year.

As I said, it does not move to the new order immediately in 2018, but it will put some “transition period”. Probably, it is a time of chaos in the world.

Among them, Russia is the country with the most stable state system.

My idea is that Putin is the father of Russia’s de facto nation right now, so it can not fall in the election. Moreover, Europe and the United States are currently aggressively attacking Russia politically. This conversely ties Russia with nationalism and brings about the effect of raising Putin’s support.

So, I predict that in March 2018, the Russian presidential election will put Putin at a high support rate to win and re-election.

I believe that Russia and NATO confrontation will be a little later.

In any case, the new system of Russia is set in this way.

If there is a third world war, it will be after that.

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