80 to 85% of the first Soviet Union government was Jewish by President Putin

Lenin during the Russian Revolution, 1917.

Author Takaaki Yamada

This is “The Russian Revolution not on the textbook”.

In January 2013, President Putin made a speech at the National Schneerson Library in Moscow. At that time, in front of the influential people of the Jews who had gathered, he could say:

“80 to 85% of the first Soviet government members were Jews”

“Those Jews caught with wrong ideological ideas arrested and oppressed believers in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions.”

This situation can be seen on YouTube now.

- YouTube
YouTube でお気に入りの動画や音楽を楽しみ、オリジナルのコンテンツをアップロードして友だちや家族、世界中の人たちと共有しましょう。

(Vladimir Putin on Jews in Soviet Union government)

Is that really a “conspiracy theory”?

The claim that “most of the revolutionary committee members are Jews” has been referred to as “conspiracy theory” until now.

Based on that criterion, we can say the following three things.

  1. A leader of a country insisted on conspiracy theory in an official speech.
  2. Moreover, he insisted in front of the Jew.
  3. He exposed “ignorance” to the world.

Of course, I understand why there are many Jews in dissidents and revolutionaries. Because they were persecuted by the Russian empire.

But that is also a matter of degree.

The result that “10 people gathered, 8 to 8.5 of them were Jews” can be called “coincidence”?

Was there a “advance agreement” among Jews, or was it not?

This is a problem of “which one is more likely to be considered reasonably?”

Russian Revolution, 1917.

However, when discussing this problem, there is a tendency to try to change to morality problem by watching from such essence.

“It is not morally permitted to affirm the Jewish conspiracy”

“The claimant has not learned from the history that such prejudice has led to the Holocaust, the worst tragedy ever”

Such social norms have driven people to silence.

However, the existence of a conspiracy is purely a matter of facts and it should be separated from the issue of morals to the last.

In the first place, does anyone who wants to judge others by morality have truly rich knowledge about the history of the horrific persecution that the Jews have received?

I doubt it.

After all, I had to conclude that it was reasonable to assume that the plot exists.

The main purpose of the Russian Revolution was Jewish liberation?

Actually, there are people who leave concrete materials on this.

That is Mordecai Moses.

He is familiar with the Japanese occupation policy by GHQ.

He published a book “One Jewish regret. I want to apologize to the Japanese.” in Japan in 1979.

He wrote in the book as follows.

In 1920, the Russian exile group of New York “Unity of Russia” published a personal record of the rulers of the Soviet Union.

According to it, the number and percentage of Jews in each committee of the Soviet government at that time are as follows.

The following is a list of the real names and pseudonyms (Russian names) of Jews among the senior members of the Soviet Union announced by the British newspaper Morning Post.

Lenin (Ulyanov), Merezhkovsky (Goldberg), Trotsky (Bronstein), Steklov (Nahamkes), Martov (Zederbaum), Zinoviev (Apfelbaum), Darsef (Drapkin), Kamenev (Rosenfeld), Sukhanov (Gimmel), Bogdanov (Silverstein), Golekh (Goldman), Ladeck (Soverson), Litvinov (Finkelstein), etc.

As you can see from these situations, Russia’s political change was a Jewish liberation movement.

The revolutionary movement of the turn of the 20 century is happening in countries that Jews have suffered.

Good samples are Russia and Germany.

As a result of the French Revolution, Jews gained some freedom in France. Also, Scandinavian countries were generous to Jews. Also, the Anglo-Saxon countries cleverly used Jews as an economic stimulus. Revolutionary movements have not occurred in these countries.

If this is the social development law, shouldn’t it happen equally well?

 (“One Jewish regret“ P156 to 157)

what about?

Does the above description hardly agree with Putin’s statement?

Mr. Moses concludes that “The Russian Revolution was a Jewish liberation movement”.

But as Stalin betrayed, the Jewish ruler has lost control of the Soviet Union

According to the “sensible” group, such “Jewish intrigues” were circulated by the Russians after the Russian Revolution. As a result, it spread around the world.

What they say is true.

Japan also received this kind of negative Jewish information, mainly in the white Russian route of Manchuria, just after the First World War.

However, is it also good with the nuance that “they touched a lie”?

Will those who actually destroyed the motherland bother to lie?

They witnessed the reality of the Russian revolution.

As a result, they understood that “the motherland was taken away by a strange group of Jews” and felt sad.

The revolutionary government, which took control of the Soviet Union, promoted a policy of separating Russians from Russian traditional culture and religion. The new government destroyed the “ethnicity” of the Russians and converted them into “Soviet people”.

Today, even historians make no distinction between Russians and Soviets.

However, the two are completely different. Originally, it is the Soviets that “does not have a mother country”. They are not ethnic.

By the way, I think that the moderate route may have been applied to post-war Japan. So there are many “Soviet people who do not really belong to Japan” in postwar Japan.

Well, it seemed that “the Russian Revolution by Jude” was successful. However, for Jews, there were two major miscalculations of “Staline’s betrayal” and “Soviet’s return to Russia”, and the result of the great revolution has been nullified.

Stalin has become more tyranny than the former Russian emperor, and has wiped out all Jewish cadres except swearing to himself.

Therefore, after World War II, the western countries had to really defeat the “Russian Soviet”.

So that was the “real” Cold War.

It also changes the opportunity, but in my opinion, even the liberation of Jews is only one of the purposes of the Russian Revolution. In fact, the Russian Revolution was “a huge conspiracy with 10 goals”.

It was also a “division into two worlds” based on Hegel’s philosophy.

After the Nazi’s brutal Holocaust, “the Jewish conspiracy theory” became a taboo of society long after the war. Especially in the western world.

In the Arab and Russia, it was talked openly and Japan was relatively free, but the surveillance of the ADL is becoming increasingly strict.

In that sense, I can say that.

They eventually got the strongest “political weapon” against anti-Semiticism by the Nazi Holocaust.

But with Putin’s breakthrough, the situation is changing again.

However, if we really want to know the truth, we have to go back to the past.

In the near future, I will go back to a thousand years ago.

Because the Russian-Jewish conflict began about a thousand years ago.

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