Decipher the mystery of Denver International Airport Murals


Author Takaaki Yamada

Denver International Airport is located at the foot of the east side of the Rocky Mountains.

It is one of the largest private airports in the US, but it is also a place where apocalyptic rumors are never stopping.

Conspiracy theorists argue that Denver City is the center of the huge secret underground network of America. According to one Researcher, it was prepared as a shelter against future global changes. Also, it is rumored that the airport in Denver is connected with NORAD 100 miles away with the underground tunnel.

Some Conspiracy theorists say as follows.

“Denver is the new capital of the United States in the new world.”

There are certainly many mysterious symbols at Denver International Airport.

It is well known.

Hakenkreuz, the blue horse of the Apocalypse, the God Anubis of the Underworld, 33 tents(number of classes of Freemasonry), the gargoyle who plugs the ear … and so on.

Today, we can find out the meaning of these symbols by searching.

Therefore, I will not discuss the above symbols here.

However, there are still mysterious things at the airport.

Freemasonry and mysterious mural painting

Freemasonry’s lithograph is set up in the big hall of Denver International Airport.

It is a thing that I do not know well whether it is “fixed corner stone” or “monument”.

From the engraved character, it seems to be a “joke monument”.

No serious content is written. But the word “NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISSION” is anxious. Other points are “time capsule”.

Freemasonry was one of the drivers of the modernization of Europe in the 18th century. It is said that the upper part of that freemason is ‘Illuminati’.

Historically there are several organizations that have self-mentioned Illuminati. However, it is certain that the Illuminati we image in general is the “association within association” of “high-ranking Mason”.

The reason why I get caught in the terminal symbol of Denver International Airport is that they have certain strange rules.

That rule is “We must secretly hint a secret plan to the people.”

Perhaps, they chose the Denver International Airport as a place to quietly tell the plan? There seems to be two reasons for this.

One is that Denver is the center of the nationwide underground network.

Another thing is that the airport is a “starting point for departure” for people.

In other words, there is no other place that is more suitable than the Denver International Airport as a place to imply “destinations to the New World” to people.

And they expressed their scenario in the form of mysterious symbols.

The most mysterious thing among them is “mural painting”.

For other groups of symbols, Google’s search will be of great help.

However, it is the mural painting at the terminal that needs your deciphering effort.

That is the most mysterious substitute at Denver International Airport.

The author is a painter named Leo Tanguma.

He put some sort of “meaning” in the four mural paintings. Besides, it reflects the idea of sponsors (= Freemasonry) rather than his own idea. Just like the murals of the medieval cathedral are produced based on the idea of the Catholic Church.

The moment we saw the four mural paintings, we can intuitively understand there is implied some apocalyptic meaning and intention of the sponsor.

But we do not know the specific content.

In other words, this mural requires “decryption” of the viewer.

There are many challengers. However, it can hardly be said that very good decipherers have appeared so far.

So I would like to try to decipher it.

The first mural – the left side of the “Dream of Peace”

This is the first ranking among the four mural paintings.

Many children dressed in national costumes from around the world are drawn.

All the children are smiling, and look very happy.

In the pictures, letters meaning “peace” in national languages are listed here and there.

The dead body of a gas mask soldier is lying on the underside of the picture.

A white dove is stuck on the body.

Two boys are doing smith work on them.

The stone monument on the right marked “WAR VIOLENCE HATE” has cracks.

Many people claim that “this picture represents the NWO that will come from now”.

That is a mistake. This picture represents “the world after World War II “.

In the center are Japanese and German boys. The center part expresses how Japanese boys fix swords and how German boys hammer their swords.

Soldiers of gas masks symbolize militarism.

Therefore, this picture represents the world after World War II when Japan and Germany turned into pacifism after ghosts of militarism were buried.

The moment I saw this picture, I found out the scene taken from the Old Testament.

This is a passage of Isaiah.

This motif is used elsewhere.

On the opposite side of the front gate of United Nations Headquarters there is a strange fan-shaped wall. It is called Isaiah Wall.

“They shall beat their swords into plowshares,

and their spears into pruning hooks;

nation shall not lift up sword against nation,

neither shall they learn war any more.”(Isaiah 2:4)

There are also few spears in the picture.

This picture represents “the ideal international society after World War II.”

That is also the ideal of the United Nations. After the war, they raised a passage of Isaiah and declared “We will make weapons into agricultural tools and stop fighting now”.

However, its ideal and reality are very different.

The Second mural – the right side of the “Dream of Peace”

In the first mural painting, “rainbow” begins with the end of militarism.

That rainbow (= hope) ends in the second mural.

The ghost of militarism is raised again and killing white dove which is a symbol of peace.

This is easy to understand.

It means that the era of war will come again.

On the right side of the picture there is a destroyed city, on the left there are miserable people and children sleeping in rubble.

There is a letter in the lower right. If you search for the name in it, you will soon see.

The author’s name is Hanuš Hachenburg – a Czech boys poet.

This boy died while being housed in Auschwitz during World War II.

He is under the harsh control of the Nazis, and in summary, he spelled the next thought.

“I believe I’m just sleeping today, and I wake up and get back to the children again, laugh and start playing.”

In other words, he believed in the hope that “I can return to a peaceful era where I was happy again someday” while living the Nazi era. But his hope could not be fulfilled.

Perhaps the poem speaks for the feelings of children sleeping in rubble.

This picture clearly shows how the international community after World War II collapses.

Why did Freemasonry make Leo Tanguma paint such a picture?

They predict the tragic near future toward mankind.

The third mural – the left side of the “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”

This represents environmental destruction. This is also the state of the present and near future.

This picture does not have such a complicated message.

What the murals are suggesting is very simple.

The middle African girl is crying.

A large forest fire is drawn behind.

Animals appearing are blue whales, turtles, some penguins, cheetahs, beautiful quetzales, somehow birds … endangered species.

And Buffalo, ivory … human casualty victim?

What is worrisome is the children in the coffin beneath the picture.

The left side is a black girl (which probably symbolizes Africans).

In the middle is Native American (symbolizing ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples?)

And the right side is German or Swiss girl (symbolic of European or Aryan?)

Perhaps this is “a list that will decrease significantly from now”.

If Freemasonry predicts it, the real meaning may be “a list that we are going to greatly thin out from now.”

The last mural – the right side of the “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”

This is the conclusion part of the continuous picture.

To put it briefly, this picture means the arrival of a new world.

However, it is the New World Order (= the world that Freemasonry wants).

First of all, what we can understand at first sight is that the population has decreased significantly.

Compared with the first mural painting, the number of children symbolizing each ethnic group is about one third.

By the way, there are no Japanese in it.

Instead, endangered species such as blue whale, wolves, leopard, quetzal, and crane are drawn vividly.

And beautiful nature is drawn behind.

Let’s call it the “new world” where the environment has recovered perfectly. Among them, children who drastically reduced the number are happily living.

The picture focuses on the seedling of the “rainbow flowers” in the center.

This flower is shining. It also holds “white pigeon” symbolic of peace inside.

Rainbow symbolizes hope and white dove symbolizes peace.

The rainbow and white dove were destroyed in the second mural.

That was revived in the fourth mural.

That means “hope and peace have grown again in the new world”.

Children are pleased with rainbow flower seedlings (=the birth of the new world).

Moreover, a colored girl is in the middle. The author positions her as a protagonist.

This picture makes the majority of people feel “happy end”.

It meant “the birth of a world dominated by Lucifer”

In this way, at first glance, mural paintings are foretelling the arrival of the ideal society of mankind.

But did Freemasonry truly want Leo Tanguma to draw a picture like this Disney fantasy stories to us?

It is a superficial view. In fact it is their aim to make people feel so illusive.

If you are a careful person you will notice that the white pigeon in the fourth picture is something strange.

In the previous picture, white dove was drawn graphically. However, this seems to be a ghost of plastic.

Also from this rainbow flower seedlings, “some sort of obscene impression”.

That should be it. This picture should be turned over. Then you can see the real meaning.

Why are native American girls made radial floral beatings? You will know the reason for this.

She is being played “anus”.

At first glance the painting brings colored race to the leading role of the new world. However, malicious intent is hidden behind. Then, there is a possibility that the picture before being turned over may represent a penis.

This means the birth of Lucifer, and the arrival of the world dominated by Lucifer.

The boy ‘s hat also contains C and R in the spelling of Lucifer.

A strange white dove in the flower turns into “wings of fallen angelic wind” when turned upside down.

Moreover, the “position” of the inverted pigeon deserves attention.

Does this imply “birth of Lucifer”?

Children are welcoming their birth … Mural paintings express it.

So why does “depiction of genitals” suggest Lucifer?

It comes from the “Bible” Genesis.

It was a snake that inspired Adam and Eve to eat the nuts growing in the middle of the Garden of Eden. As a result, the eyes of two “opened”.

They noticed that they were naked and concealed their genitals with leaves.

In other words, it was Snake that made Adam and Eve realize the presence of genitalia.

Generally, the snake is interpreted as “an evil existence that caused the human being to degenerate.”

But the opposite is true of Satanism.

This serpent is the object of worship as existence which solved the ignorance of the human who was in a blind state under the rule of God.

Therefore, the snake is also a symbol of “Lucifer who rebelled against God” on the other hand.

This also teaches that “If you want to know the truth, turn things upside down.”

In other words, the person who noticed the presence of genitals in the upside-down mural was a human being educated (= illuminated) by a snake (= Lucifer).

Higher Freemasonry sees this picture and understands that genitals are hidden. So, for them, this picture is a sign of a friend.

Solve the mystery of mural painting using the Old Testament

In “Genesis”, “rainbow” is a sign of a contract between Noah and God.

Also, “pigeon” is also a creature that Noah released after the flood ceased.

So, the “new world” shown by mural painting may mean a new world after catastrophism comparable to Noah’s flood.

Is “New World” a “New Garden of Eden” controlled by Lucifer?

There are other grounds to conclude so.

Turning over the mural painting makes sense.

The inverted fourth mural reminds me of huge bats and moths. Both are creatures representing darkness. Beneath its wings, children and a new world are set up.

An evil creature (= Lucifer) seems to claim that “children, desert, forest, mountain, and ocean are all possessed by me”.

But what is most similar is ….

It is Demon Lucifero drawn as an illustration of Dante’s “God Song” Hell Story.

That is, the entire fourth mural painting represents Lucifer.

Lucifer was rebelled against God, he was dropped on the earth by God. At that time, the great hole of hell was born.

Illustration shows that Lucifer is eating humans at the bottom.

It is a very evil picture.

Will such murals really mean true human peace and happiness?

Moreover, the source of Lucifer is Isaiah.

The painting motif of the first mural was also the same Isaiah.

“How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. (Isaiah 14:12)

The morning star which fell from the sky later became the meaning of “Lucifer”.

Thus, the mural painting at Denver International Airport implies the following “schedule”.

The present world (the first mural) will experience a great war (the second mural) and a big environmental destruction (the third mural) from now on.

After the destruction, the human race will welcome “the new world dominated by Lucifer” (the fourth mural). That new world, in other words “human farm”.

My conclusion – this mural painting implies an evil plan of “shadow government”.


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