The truth of Charles and Diana’s “marriage of the century” that no one knew


Author Takaaki Yamada

If Princess Diana was actually the daughter of Lord Goldsmith, what kind of problem would arise? Also, what does that mean?

I said “There are two points in truly understanding it.”

Last time I mentioned the first one. It was content that the Windsor dynasty was destroyed in the near future, and the British newly Goldsmith Rothschild dynasty was born.

I would like to talk about the second one this time.

In order to approach the truth, we must first make the following question.

“Has the British Royals really did not know her identity?”

Of course, such a thing cannot be done!

Even the general citizens, even as marriages, still use a survey company to find out the family line and family register. Let’s be the best royal nobility in Europe!

However, if so, it is increasingly inexplicable.

The British royal family would have accepted a woman who is not even a daughter of Count Spencer, as princess. If we step further, because that Diana is the daughter of the Goldsmith family, so the British royal family has admitted to marry her and Prince Charles.

In other words, the “marriage of the century” is actually not a political marriage between the British royal family and the Spencer Earl, but a political marriage with the Goldsmith Rothschild family.

It is true that both the British Royal Family and Prince Charles admitted to marriage with “Judea ‘s daughter” after all knowing it. What does this truth mean?

When pursuing it, the surprising true figure of “Shadow Government” which has moved the world from the back comes up.

In order to understand it, I would like to step into the Gossip-like facts first.

Why were the British royal family and Prince Charles cold against Diana?

As is well known, this marriage was unfortunate from the beginning.

Because Diana was obviously not welcomed from the royal family.

The following information is now openly available through books, newspapers, documentary programs, etc.

Prince Charles and Diana met only 13 times before marriage. This suggests the fact that “marriage of the century” was actually “matching marriage”.

Diana himself later recalled that they were kind at the time I was a guest.

In 1981, they married. Charles, however, has not broken with Camilla Parker. Charles has been constantly involved with Camilla in shadows, and it has made Diana crazy.

According to Diana, it was strange from the honeymoon. Charles also brought in seven more books besides even though it was only a couple of private times. He applied time other than official duties during honeymoon to his reading.

Charles’ attitude towards her was cold. Obviously he did not love Diana sincerely. Therefore, the married life of two will soon collapse.

The episode at Sandringham House, which was just under 100 kilometers north of London, was a serious example. Here is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite recreation area. Every year, it is customary that the royal family spends Christmas here.

It was only six months later after the two married. Diana who was sick in his spirit threw himself from the stairs of the building. Even though she was pregnant.

The queen was frightened at the sight of her who tried to commit suicide. However, Charles shrugged his shoulders as “again,” and left for horseback as planned.

Diana made several attempted suicide attempts. After that she repeated her self-injurious behavior, such as cutting her wrist and stabbing her body. But Charles did not feel at all sympathy for seeing her shedding blood. Even when he heard that William was born, he seems to have muttered, “What a man,” he said. The Queen did not save her knowing the situation. Edinburgh said to Charles, “You may divorce her.”

Diana continued to be treated as an outsider until the end was deeply hurt and suffered from the spirit.

After the mid-1980s, the two will live separately as soon as possible. Charles did not come close to the place where Diana was, and resumed association with Camilla.

Diana got into love with a person named Barry Albert Mannakee of a bodyguard for a while, but he died suddenly in the accident in 1987.

She believes that this accident is caused by Charles.

Eventually the two people living separately were officially announced. Charles and Camilla revealed an ugly phone record whisping love. And in August 1996, the two have officially divorced.

About a year later, Diana died in a “traffic accident”.

Illuminati card which was released before Diana’s “accidental death”. Paparazzi and flash are impressive. “Di” is wearing “Diana” and “die”?

Now everyone knows the above facts.

But nobody can explain “why”. Why did they both get married? Why was the British royal family and Charles unusually cold against Diana? None of the conventional explanation has reached the truth.

Clearly the British royal family did not welcome Diana from the “beginning.” Prince Charles did not love Diana. He was disgustedly married.

“The marriage of the century” was a ceremony for the fusion of two groups of world-dominant people

From the world view of the European royal aristocracy, the British royal family and the Goldsmiths Rothschild family are not equal. Of course, Jewish bankers are said to be lower.

Originally the British royal family is located in the center of the protestant royal aristocracy. Not to mention Queen Elizabeth, the Edinburgh Duchy also consolidates the European prestige family lineage.

So, even though Prince Charles is Not intelligent, he is the man who boasts the highest lineage among the European royal aristocrats. They are proud of their pedigree and clan as “we are the owner of the most noble and pure blue blood on this earth.”

Usually, if such a royal aristocracy marries a “low-ranking” family line, it can be inferred that there is some circumstance. In other words, the British royal family was the one who was forced to get married. And the strong side was the Jewish financial family.

Whatever the status or pedigree, in power relationship, you do not have to think which one is above.

Prince Charles married reluctantly. That’s why he was as cold as Diana. The same can be said to Queen and Philip.

They decided to reluctantly marry a relationship with “Judea”.

This can be regarded as meaning the plight of the British royal side. Therefore, the British royal family chose the way of marriage of strategy with opponents whose status is not equal with the next era.

However, in fact, it has more significance. What this “marriage of the century” means is one of the truths that has been hidden from the public until now.

That is the internal scheme of the world’s ruling party. This belongs to the world’s best secret.

The traditional “shadow government” was a coalition government of Protestant and Jewish

The “shadow government” we hear rumors exists. And it is actually an association of Protestant forces and Jewish forces. Moreover, the truth deviates largely from the typical conspiracy theory. It is the land of Switzerland about 500 years ago that the two powers were united.

The Shadow Government and the mystery of Switzerland
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For the sake of accuracy, this “Protestant” was later to be called so. At that time they were merely weak opposition forces in Europe.

Needless to say, the Spanish empire, the Roman Catholic, the French kingdom, the Holy Roman Empire, etc. who dominated Europe at the time were the major forces.

The original “shadow’s government” was the side who was rather persecuted from these existing powerful powers. So they cooperated and helped Switzerland’s independence. They then headed for the liberation of Nederland.After independence of Nelderland, they then entered the UK.

Since the above contents are very complicated, I would like to explain in detail at another opportunity.

Just to mention a little, in reality, the events called “England civil war” and “honor revolution” mean their invasion into the UK.

I wrote the following in the last article.

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British aristocrats deliberately destroyed the Stuart dynasty, made the Hanover dynasty, and carried a generational British king.

After that, they eventually won the power struggle with the Netherlands side inside the Protestant forces. They succeeded in riding the wave of Great Britain’s breakthrough beginning with the industrial revolution since the middle of the 18th century. The power of the British Empire was exactly their power as it was.

The top of the Protestant side of the “shadow government” is the British Princess nobility group, the top of the Jewish side was the Frankfurt group

In this way, the British aristocrat gained global power. Since then, for almost a century and a half they reigned as the Protestant side of the “shadow government”.

On the other hand, even on the Jewish side of the “shadow government”, there was a great change in power. That is the great breakthrough of the “Frankfurt Group.” Basel and Rotterdam are connected by the Rhine. It is the commercial area of Mainz-Frankfurt that is in the middle of both areas.

The financial group that kept this trading area made a big leap in the 19th century. The Rothschild family was at the center. He was also “a successful person” at the time.

Rothschild made use of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic war, in a short period of time to a top-ranking millionaire in Europe. In keeping with the success of the Rothschild family, the entire Jewish merchant of Frankfurt got huge power. That is Oppenheimer, Goldsmith, Schiff and others. Also, looking at the success of the Frankfurt Group, families such as Warburg and Sassoon of Jewish finance in other areas also joined.

Thus, in the mid-nineteenth century, they almost caught the initiative of the Jewish community. They also experienced a conflict with the former old Jewish forces. And they eventually won.

The British aristocrat group and the Frankfurt group cooperated for a long time and jointly operated the “shadow government”. However, a groove also existed between them. It can be seen in both pedigrees. The British royal family has always refused marital relations with the Jewish side.

However, the “joint management” state is finally being resolved. The first step was the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana.

However, this is based on the fact that the power balance between them has begun to collapse. In other words, it means the decline of the Great Britain aristocracy group. The beginning of the “Jewish single era” is hardly a welcome event for them. Therefore, not all of the Protestant forces agree. The British royal family who stands at the top of them is “disgusting” himself.

I am thinking that the withdrawal of Britain’s EU is an attempt to delay its progress even a little. Moreover, this “resistance movement” is official recognition of the British royal family.

However, this is a kind of evacuation and will eventually be suppressed.

Moreover, by the hands of the next “King William”.

* Points so far

  • Diana’s mother Francis’s family line was a Jewish line.
  • Diana was a baby whose Francis was born unfriendly with the Jewish banker Goldsmith. So, Diana was a genuine Jew.
  • Diana’s appearance looks exactly like Zacharias, the son of Lord Goldsmith.
  • Prince Charles is the person who inherits the highest grade breed of the European royal aristocracy.
  • The British royal family knew all the features of Diana. On top of that, they admitted marriage with Prince Charles.
  • The British royal family, in real life, was opposed to the marriage of both parties. Charles himself also had no affection for Diana from the beginning, it was related with Camilla in shadows.
  • Charles and British royal family married Diana (Jewish) side disagreeably.
  • It was actually a political marriage between Jewish financial forces and Protestant forces.
  • In addition, it was the one which urged the former to become related to the latter if anything. So now, the power relationship is clearly on the Jewish side.
  • In the past, the “shadow government” was a union of Judea and Protestant. This cooperative relationship was established about 500 years ago from now. In other words, it has been largely divided into two main powers.
  • “Century marriage” was a ceremony to settle such a split state. However, Jewish superiority.

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